Nobody wants to be stuck in a cab for a long and boring ride-and the rides can be long in India’s traffic clogged cities. But hey, you can find a million dollar idea if you are smart. That’s our story.

One of our founders was travelling from Mumbai to Pune on a heavy traffic day. He had nothing to do other than watching ads in large billboards and DOOH screens on the go. A volley of questions popped up on his head:

  1. How can I have a fun-filled cab ride?
  2. How could the advertiser using DOOH media get the real metrics for his campaign?
  3. If I put a billboard inside the cab, isn’t it more efficient?
  4. Can I solve these problems and help my cabby earn few extra bucks?

That was the Eureka moment for us!And then there was Xwards!

We built an ecosystem-a network of cabs in association with regional cab-aggregator to put our In-cab entertainment (tablets behind headrests of cabs) in place and quantified ad metrics viz.number of viewers, number of clicks,geo-based preferences, age-based preferences, Polls etc.Not just that, we built amazing features for cab-takers-play games, listen to music, or even watch your favorite TV show on the go. Say goodbye to long and boring ride! And finally, the cabby earns his/her extra bucks from the ad-revenues. In short we help cabbies earn extra bucks, keep cab-takers engaged & fun-filled and help advertisers put their brands in a highly captive environment. In a short span of 6 months, we signed up JV with 20 partners, on-board 40 clients, developed Xview-analytics enabled CRM software and raised 50K USD with a valuation of over 1 million USD.

What’s in future?  Pan-India expansion,AR-based advertising and much more up in the sleeve. Yay!