Out-Of-Home advertising, or OOH, has been around for ages, taking several forms over the years— from billboards on high-rise buildings to street furniture (posters on bus shelters, telephone booths). OOH has become a powerful media tool today, with global projections expecting it to hit $40.6 billion by 2019.

Making an even bigger impact in the arena of advertising  is OOH’s digitized cousin, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. Since its inception in 2005, DOOH has achieved what other media have long struggled with- capturing the attention of the busy consumer.

People are exposed to thousands of ads every day. This makes it difficult for the average ad to catch their eye or keep their attention. DOOH approaches this problem by targeting those periods of time where people are in the process of waiting for something, and have practically nothing else to do. It aims to optimize these periods of time - such as when people are waiting in lifts, at metro stations or bus shelters, or when travelling via public transport.

Combine this approach with excellent technology and compelling content, and there you have it - the best way to increase visibility of your ads and engage your customers.

What do the numbers tell us?

People spend an average of 7 hours a day outside, and 82% of shoppers have admitted to indulging in impulse purchases the same day as being exposed to DOOH, with 92% even saying they did so within thirty minutes of exposure. These stats clearly show how a specially crafted and strategically placed digital ad can have a massive impact as well as a significant RoI. In fact, the rate at which customers recall an ad placed on DOOH media is over 70%. Now, that’s something!

Making this technology even more impactful is the feature of ad completion. As the endpoint is owned by the advertiser, ads cannot be skipped midway by the people watching it; as usually happens with most other media (thanks in large part to Ad-blocking software, and that ‘skip ad’ feature online!) In contrast, DOOH is able to retain the viewer’s attention throughout.

What tops it all off is that DOOH is well received by people due to its dynamic and engaging nature. (No more static, boring ads for you, fellow humans!) It’s relevant and can be personalized for the best customer experience, thanks to Geotargeting and Data-driven systems. In addition, DOOH makes it possible to change creatives in real time, allowing for an unlimited number of visuals. To advertisers, this means being able to offer powerful content and messages that are adapted to the time of day, type of audience, or even to weather conditions!

Need we say more?

To explore the potential of this technology, visit xwards.com! LET’S DOOH IT!