With 1.2 billion active users every day, Facebook offers unlimited potential for success in marketing and sales. Realizing this potential, more and more businesses are now using this platform to advertise to their targeted audience, and gain a positive return on their investment. Choosing from the number of ad formats offered by Facebook is largely guided by the advertising goals one is looking to achieve!

Digging right in, here are the most commonly used (and most effective) ad formats, classified by end goal!

1. To direct more traffic to your website

  • Video Ads 
    As you must’ve reckoned by the name, these are advertisements that feature videos. As more people use phones instead of laptops or desktops to browse the internet, the significance of videos has only risen. Since the introduction of the auto-play feature for videos, Facebook makes around $3.8 billion from upto 8 billion video views per day! And not just the wide audience, but you get a host of other features too, including customized targeting and viewer information, all of which can hugely benefit your business - big or small.
  • Boosted Page Posts
    Whenever you post something on your Facebook page, you get the option to ‘boost’ the post. This happens either when that post is performing well on your page, or other pages are boosting similar posts. You can select your target audience, budget, and duration for which you want it to run, and you’re done! You can set your objective too: whether to get more engagement on that post, or use it to direct more people to your site.

2. To generate more sales through your site

  • Carousel/ Multi-Product Ads
    These ads allow you to include upto 10 images and/or links, videos and CTAs in a single ad frame. This can be extremely useful for marketers who want to  promote multiple offers, and see which one works best for them!

3. To encourage app installation

  • Mobile App Ads
    These are apps that encourage installation of your mobile app. By clicking on the ‘Install Now’ CTA, users will immediately be directed to the App Store, thereby eliminating one step in their journey. This ad offers you several targeting options, such as whether you want to target only mobile users or tablets too, and so on.  

  • Desktop App Ads 
    These ads drive users to your Facebook app, and let them engage with it. As these apps are supported only on desktop versions, you can place these in Desktop Newsfeed, or as Right Rail ads.

4. To increase likes on your Facebook page

  • Page Like Ads
    If you are looking to increase likes on your Facebook page, these ads are what you need! These are supported in all placements: Desktop, Mobile, and Right Column. It is important to focus on getting the right kind of audience to like your page - those who are interested in what you offer!

  • Page Post Image Ads 
    Have some great pictures on your page? Use these ads to engage with your page fans with those images!

5. To get more visitors for your store or event

  • Event Ads
    Have an upcoming event? Let more people know by using these ads. You can target specific audiences for your event, such as those in a particular geographical area, or those belonging to a specific age group!

  • Local Awareness Ads
    These ads use Geotargeting, and show the ad to those who are near your store location. You can add a CTA such as ‘Call Now’ or ‘Get Directions’ to make it easier for them to get in touch with you!

  • Offer Claims 
    Want to get that initial traffic to your store? You can give offers through these ads to attract people to try out your product! The best part is, users can redeem the offer directly through Facebook - that is one less step in their journey! Users who’ve redeemed the offer will be sent an email with details and terms of use. Convenient, no?

The options are many, you need to choose what works best for you. Try different ad formats based on the objectives that you are looking to achieve, and stick to those which yield maximum returns!